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All About Duygu Ozen

Name: Duygu Ozen

Main Camera: Canon EOS 5D

Favourite Subjects: Children, families, businesspeople, brides, moms-to-be... You!

Favourite Vacation Spot: Capri, Italy :)


Duygu (Dee) is a professional photographer with formal training as well as practical training and experience. Her experience consists mainly of studio photography with portraits being the main discipline.


Duygu has been a professional photographer for the past fifteen years, ever since being interested in photography as a teenager. When it was time to enter college, she enrolled in the photography department of the fine arts college at her university. After learning the history, knowledge and techniques during her four years of study, she applied this knowledge into practice at several international boutique photography studios.


Now enjoying living in Mississauga, she’d like to offer her creative services to you...

Vanesa Araujo

Vanesa was born in Colombia and is currently living in Toronto. She's a graduate from Seneca and Humber College. A passionate photographer, she is committed to capturing the most candid and spectacular moments in the most important events of her subject’s lives.


She’s been working in photography for the past five years, shooting weddings, engagements, school photography, family portraits and others.


She loves working with people, figuring out their needs and likes in either events, portraits, and corporate; combining her skills and vision with yours, to make incredible results. Her goals as a photographer are to bring not only great photographic memories, but also a great spirit of service and attention.


Christie’s love in the arts has led her to express herself with the photographs she takes. Her development as a photographer advanced through the mentorship of professional photographers in the business of portraiture and advertising.


A photographer for over ten years, her early beginning in her craft was specializing in children's photography. She still loves to capture little people in their most natural expressions.


As her experience in photography progressed, she had the pleasure of honing her skills in event, food and fashion photography. Working with various industries have allowed her to showcase the beauty of her subjects in many ways.


Owner of Smile Factory, a children’s studio, in Cebu, Philippines for nine years and now based in Canada, she has joined Moments Photography to continue to do what she loves...


Connie is a photographer from Mississauga, Ontario. She enjoys photographing weddings, professional portraits, families and boudoir.


Over the past 8 years she has studied, and successfully graduated from the Independent Digital Photography Course at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Design, and continues to pursue her passion every day.


Her positive interactions with her subjects continue to fuel her to pursue her passion in photography. Connie is committed to making her clients feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. With her artistic vision and skill to she hopes to keep creating wonderful memories for everyone she works with.