Boudoir … $365 including a $295 credit towards purchases


So many women have felt nervous about doing a boudoir shoot but have loved the outcome so much that their initial nervousness is now completely forgotten!


Boudoir is an intimate and artistic impression of who you are and will be treasured for years and generations. It’s one of the best gifts you can give to your soulmate.


“I promise that you will truly enjoy the shoot in a completely relaxed and private setting. I will be the only one to share the shoot with you and since I work on an appointment only basis, there will be no disturbances or interruptions.” - Dee


Boudoir shoots typically take longer than other portrait shoots with more background and outfit changes.


“You made me feel extremely comfortable and confident. I appreciated all of your hard work and professionalism.


I strongly recommend other women to get their "boudoir" pictures done by Moments Photography. It was an amazing experience; one that I will never forget! Thank you Dee! –


Mia M.”